Pharma Contract Manufacturing

 servocare life sciences  Contract Manufacturing is a easy way to start your own pharma business in India. This Concept provide easy solution for manufacturing of own brands.We are a leading Pharmaceutical Marketing Company having a wide range of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products & have achieved this in a very short period which shows that we are a fast growing company. Contract Manufacturing is referred to out sourcing of products or to get manufacturedyour own brand name from others manufacturing unit out. In current time it is very popular concept among marketing companies.SERVOCARE  LIFE SCIENCES also provides attractive contract manufacturing of capsules and tablets are involved along with the production of SERVOCARE  LIFE SCIENCES’S own commercial range. Being private-owned and fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, SERVOCARE  LIFE SCIENCES offers flexible terms of trade and gives each customer a personal attention. Our products are of highest quality and yet reasonably priced.

Even companies having their own manufacturing unit are gotten manufactured their products from outside. Multinational companies aesegotten manufactured their products at loan license or third party basis/contract manufacturing basis.


Why is this concept so popular?

One of the best reasons of popularity of this concept is simplicity and easy availability. You do not have to do much work and investment. it gives opportunities to even those persons who do not have own manufacturing units to start their own Pharma company. Starting and running a manufacturing pharmaceutical company is difficult and tensed work, and require high investment but starting and running Pharma contract manufacturing is easy, thanks to contract manufacturing. Before announcing of excise free zone of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, it was not so popular as it is today, but after implementation of excise free zone in these above states, it became one of the most popular concept in pharmaceutical industry.